Stone Floors (general)

KEEP FLOORS CLEAN. Dust, dirt & grit are your worst enemies. They are very abrasive, especially under the pressure of foot traffic. If you want to take the polish off your floor, just spread a little grit, and walk.

DUST MOP DAILY with a non-treated dust mop. Mop under all floor mats. Wet mop at least once a week or more depending on traffic. Use a side to side motion as you walk backwards; not a back and forth motion. Rinse mop often. Designate one mop for each type of floor surface.

USE FLOOR MATS especially around exterior doors. Place mats on both the interior and exterior of the doorway. Avoid using rubber or jute backed mats which may bleed into the stone causing stains that may be impossible to remove. Make sure mats are sufficient in size and KEEP THEM CLEAN AND DRY. Below sinks and toilets are another good place to keep mats.

Marble (specific) floors and countertops

All of the above information applies to marble/limestone floors but additional cautions should be taken as well. Marbles and limestones contain calcium; acids or high alkaline substances can cause etching (dulling) to a polished surface. Use only neutral Ph (7) cleaners to clean these materials. Make sure to keep acidic substances such as tile and grout cleaners, fruit juices, soft drinks, wine, vinegar, vegetables, etc. off marble/limestone surfaces. If spills occur, wipe up immediately with a neutral soap or clean water. The longer an acid sits on the surface the deeper the etch and the higher the cost to remove it. If problems occur, call a stone restoration contractor. They will be able to give you professional advice to prevent further damage and to repair your existing problems.

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